About Us



SimplexLMS is recognized in the hospitality industry as a reliable provider for online education. Our industry-approved training uses the leading educational software to provide the best-practice learning methodologies to serve a variety of companies across the hospitality sector.

Thousands of industry professionals enroll in our courses each year. Since 2016, our course programs have revolutionized online hospitality training and become the new standard of training quality for hospitality employers to look for. We have increase employee efficiency, saved costs, and increased the standard in training programs for our customers by continually developing products that set the standard for effective training delivery.

While our content expertise is in hospitality, our technical experts in the course and web development have designed our eLearning platform to the highest standard of instructional design, user-friendliness and optimization. The collective expertise of these individuals spans several decades. Regardless of your sector, we have the experience and personnel to develop your company's course programs at the quality you need.


Our Focus is eLearning LMS.....

Our team’s collective background includes specialization in eLearning design, development, localization, LMS development, Moodle plugin development, and customization We believe in creating fun and interactive courses. Why? Because we all know that no one really pays attention to boring courses.



Every business, big or small should be having in-house training and LMS. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we would love to work with you. eLearning and LMS is our passion, and we believe that every business in the world should have the opportunity to train employees at an affordable cost. No matter what your budget is, we can help



Here is where we can help. You are probably using some LMS and paying for 100s of courses that are barely used by your employees monthly. By bringing Talent eLearning, you will save thousands per year. As you will never have to pay for compliance courses such as WHMIS, Employee Handbook, and Food Safety Training. There is no catch, to this only real savings.