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Simplex LMS boasts of all the handpicked must-have features that you could want from a Learning Management System, both for easy administration and continuous Learning.


5.Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Storage

Scalable and unlimited storage to fit the new, old and even archived courses.


Allows easy integration using HTTPS protocol to establish a secure connection with the server.

7.Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Courses

A large repository of easily accessible courses.

8.Custom URL
Custom URL

Set custom URL or existing domain URL for the LMS portal.

9.Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth

Morden standards and technology for uninterrupted learning.


Adapts well with the region where learning needs to be delivered.



Fully online course delivery, makes each leaning session an independent experience.

12.Course Categorization
Course Categorization

Gives Admin the freedom to create a category for specific courses and link other courses with that category.

13.Expansive Training Material
Expansive Training Material

SCORM compatible Videos, PPT, PDF, Images, URL, and YouTube integration too.

14.Reuse Training Material
Reuse Training Material

Re-use existing Presentations or Videos or use content from web-sources easily.

15.Course Assigned by Admin
Course Assigned by Admin

Enables Admins and Group Admins to easily incorporate courses into the learning programs.

16.Course Auto Assigned by Group
Course Auto Assigned by Group

Course assigned to the groups can be auto assigned to existing users in the group and also to the newly added users.


Add Users (Admins/Learners)

The Learning admin can add and assign new admins, add learners to the portal, enable multiple authentication methods, and create groups among their learners.

18.Create Groups
Create Groups

Admin can create groups for users.
Manual Groups wherein Admin adds users manually.
Automatic group wherein Admin sets the criteria for inclusion and users are automatically added to the group.

19.Import Users
Import Users

Add users by simply importing a CSV file into the system.


23.Course Report
Course Report

Course progress report for each user for each course assigned.

25.Group Report
Group Report

User-group wise progress report for the courses.

22.Users Report
Users Report

Lists the number of Active users in the system along with first and last login details.

21.Branch Dashboard report
Branch Dashboard Report

Branch-wise progress report for the courses.

24.Training Material Tracking Report
Training Material Tracking Report

Training material progress report of the users, including the downloading or viewing records.


26.Course Progress
Course Progress

Users can see the course progress on the dash board.


Certificates given to the users after course completion.

28.Course Credits
Course Credits

Credits given to the users on the course completion.


29.Portal Configuration
Portal Configuration

Allows Admin to set default settings for the portal i.e. language, date and time zone, footer text, etc.

30.Customised Branding
Customised Branding

System admin can change the look and feel of the system. Use the organisational colours for different elements of the system.

31.Password Policies
Password Policies

Admin can set password policy for the system. Each user needs to reset the password on first login according to policies.

32.Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Admin can use custom domain or URL for the LMS.

33.Time Zone
Time Zone

Every user of the system can view the system date and time according to their own time zone.

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