Finally An AI-Powered LMS Built By LMS Users, For LMS Users

With a fully-integrated and purposeful customer training platform, you can onboard, engage, and retain your users. Effortlessly increase the impact of customer training on staff and its benefit to customers.


Simple Management

Remove the need to hire additional staff to manage training by using simple administration processes.

  • Manage system setup and support requests from a single window
  • Allow a built-in AI engine to visualize big picture statistics
  • Use automation for notification and course assignment
  • Delegate responsibilities to sub-admins to minimize workload
  • Automate routine tasks and organize the training to fit your needs
  • View real-time essential training analytics and data

Intuitive User Engagement

Maximize your learner engagement with state-of-the-art training features.

  • Recognize employee performance with customizable certificates
  • Allows users to track their progress through each stage of learning
  • Customize the training management system for smooth navigation
  • Enjoy responsive platform design on both desktop and mobile
  • Design your own custom-branded white-labelled platform
  • Gain access to user-friendly navigation and interfaces

Easy Course Setup

Create multiple training pathways for your employees by quickly uploading and organizing suitable training content.

  • Develop customized programs with various training resources
  • Engage your learners with SCORM-compatible courses
  • Customize learner access and attempts to optimize learning
  • Upload high-quality videos directly or use an embedded source file
  • Manage documents and pdf files for immediate reference
  • Build unique HTML pages

Built-In Proctoring And Participation Monitoring

Online proctoring allows you to simply and conveniently take your exam in the comfort of your home or workplace while being supervised by a remote proctor.

  • Candidates will be automatically booked for the online exam with the purchase of an online course
  • You will be requested to run and download an extension to get connected to your live proctor. This extension is to capture the screen of candidates only during the duration of the test is live.
  • Test candidates verify their identity via webcam and government-issued ID card.
  • Once the test begins, proctors will have access to tester computer screens. Proctors can chat with test-takers, terminate a specific user’s test session, or re-authenticate candidates based on pre-test image captures.

Multi-Domain Functionality

Develop and manage multiple portals from a single place for different clients and partners using a robust multi-user hierarchy framework.

  • Create various custom domains with its respective branding
  • Customize each subdomain with different features
  • Enable proxy login features for support management
  • Apply content distribution from a central system to all subdomains
  • Grow your business with a scalable hierarchical system

API Driven Third-Party Integrations

Utilize open APIs to integrate third-party applications. If a features isn't listed, request a custom integration.

  • Use the pre-made WordPress interface to sell courses online
  • Hold virtual classes with built-in Zoom interface
  • Use open APIs to implement SSO
  • Enable third-party HRMS integrations
  • Manage multi-domains and custom URLs

Data Intelligence & Reports

Reduce the challenges of employing a highly skilled team to manage the
training administration.

  • View key data dashboards for administrators and end users
  • Gain insight on training content usage
  • Manage automations and settings
  • View and analyze employee performance trends
  • Quickly identify problems to address

Enterprise-Level Security and Reliability

Specifically created to address the enterprise-level need of security and reliable for complex and multilevel projects.

  • Excellent customer onboarding, success, and support.
  • Built on AWS structure to guarantee reliability, scalability and security
  • Designed to meet rigorous security requirements
  • 100% GDPR-compliant

Powerful Integrations

Connect to the customer engagement tools you love. Ask
about custom integrations to make your platform
more insightful with your preferred tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

SimplexLMS is a cutting-edge cloud-based (SaaS) AI-powered customer training platform. It aids in the redesign of the customer training process, the acceleration of product adoption, the increase of customer retention, and the reduction of support tickets for customers on a large scale.