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As real-estate agents grow through our modern society, more and more learning content is being pushed online. Without the assistance of in-person cues, activities, and the collaborative nature of the classroom, student learning can take much longer without the same benefit. We’ve worked hard to address this issue by developing a convenient course platform and practical training courses to provide to real estate and brokers. We can help you get your agents learning efficiently just as we have helped many real estates across North America


Our Interactive Courses

Our contemporary courses rely on technology based upon instructional design principles to ensure learning is effective and long-term. Probe It provides active and user-friendly learning in an effort to allow learners to enjoy the process of learning, while still being affordable.


User Friendly & Built For You

Our Learning Management System (LMS) was developed by LMS users to make the online learning experience smooth. The SimplexLMS combines the power of programming and the expertise of educators to build an intuitive and user-friendly interface for real estate agents to use for all their online learning needs - without a steep learning curve. Our training programs are built for everyone regardless of how tech-savvy they are, with plenty of support to help them along the way. 


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" We are having a lot of positive feedback about our new LMS from our partners and end-users. It is so incredible to have such great feedback from our partners. I love that it is white labelled and our company URL and logo are present." 

Samira Ali

Simplex LMS has surpassed my expectations. The LMS system is very user-friendly and easy to configure for both administrators and trainees. The customer service and technical support have been really excellent." 

Sam Sakhi

Detailed course with lots of information, touched on things other courses haven't. Our phone support tech was fantastic, very patience, knowledgeable & helpful, and very quick to respond.

Derrick Giffin

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With our training platform, you have tons of options when it comes to administering lessons to your staff. Not only is our platform compatible with all desktops, tablets, and smartphones, but our lessons are also printable which makes training easy regardless of yout district's set up.

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